Buddhist mindfulness and meditation teacher

Buddhist mindfulness and meditation are quite simply the teaching and training of how our mind works and how, over time, with the right training, we can change the way the mind works.

In Buddhist mindfulness and meditation, we purposefully work with the mind to strengthen it, make it flexible and a useful powerful tool to radically increase mental capacity and quality.

The teachings Morten offers are modern and practical, where the focus is on direct application in everyday life, where work and career must balance with family, close relationships and leisure interests.

Furthermore, the teaching is in a secular format, which means that the religious aspect of the Buddhist teachings is omitted.

Siegen is my Buddhist name, given to me by my sensei Shomon Pia Trans, and means holy source.

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"Meditation at work could sound like luxury but it is actually a fantastic way to get grounded and focused. Afterwards, you are basically a better version of yourself. With Morten as your teacher, it is a wonderful experience."

          — Lene Hylling Axelsson, Senior Vice President - Novo Nordisk A/S.



Satipaṭṭhāna is the Buddhas teachings on the foundations of Sati (Mindfulness). Mindfulness practice enhances focus, clarity, and emotional intelligence, which are essential qualities for success in today's fast-paced and competitive world.


Buddhist meditation provides a unique framework and method for mastering the basic functions of the mind. It enhances awareness of our attention and strengthens concentration, enabling a deeper connection to the present moment with quality and clarity.


I offer impactful workshops and keynotes inspired by Buddhist mindfulness and meditation. Perfect for off-sites, team building, and kick-offs, they provide valuable insights and practices to enhance well-being and mental capacity.



“Most in our team hadn’t tried meditation before, and plunging in at work did take a bit of courage and opening of mindset.

Afterwards, everyone agreed it had been a valuable and important experience – not least holding up the mirror to reflect on what it means to be aware and attentive around others.”

Charlotte Weimann Vilner 

- Head of P&O Communication

Novo Nordisk A/S

“Sat down and went straight into the flow. My mind has just been so busy for the past few days that it’s been such a relief to let go completely. This has become my respite, and I look forward to wrapping up my day with this”

- Senior  Director

Novo Nordisk A/S

I´ve recomended you...

"Everything lived up to my expectations, and

I´ve recomended you to my colleague Benedikte, who will contact you for a similar workshop"

Torben Bundgård

- Head of Reputation & 

Corporate Brand

Novo Nordisk A/S

"Everyone should have a Morten in their life"

Sue Jacobs Matzen

Sr. Anthropologist and Communicator

Novo Nordisk A/S

"I used 15 minutes during the afternoon to meditate. This helped me get back in balance and focus prior to an important presentation to the management team my manager sits in. So much tension before - so much more grounded afterwards!”

- Vice President

Novo Nordisk A/S

We loved every minute

"Thanks for sharing and teaching us more about meditation. Everyone was wildly excited afterwards; Good thoughts and exercises for posterity"

Benedikte Larsen

- Head of Digital Communications

Novo Nordisk A/S

“I’ve definitely noticed that since our last session, I’m much more aware of when I’m worrying or ruminating and am able to recognize that and bring my awareness back to the present moment - I would really like to hold on to that!”

- Executive Assistent

Novo Nordisk A/S

About me

Born in 1977 Seoul, Korea. Married to Signe, father of Sebastian and practicing Buddhist (Theravâda). Last Dharma Teacher student of Shomon Pia Trans. Meditation practice since 2003


Education & training:

Vipassana: Northern Light Vipassana Society

Shamatha & Vipasyana: Phendeling

Mindfulness - Insight Meditation Society

Vedana - Bodhi College

Meditation & Dharma teacher - Danish Dharma Center

MBSR - Danish center for mindfulness, Aarhus University

Metacognitive coach - Neocognitive Institute

Enneagram - Think About it

Work experience:

2016 - Mindfulness and meditation teacher - Self-employed

2018 - General manager - Smedjen

2016 - 2021: Meditation teacher - Danish Dharma Center

1999 - 2016: Various management & sales positions in medium and large, national and international companies

13 years of management experience

6 years of international experience

Contact & info

Morten Ryberg

CVR: 32600158

Danske Bank:
Reg: 3409 - Konto: 13214352

SWIFT: DABADKKK - IBAN:DK9430000013214352