Metacognitive method and practise

6-week foundational metacognitive program

Effective prevention and treatment of stress, anxiety, depression.

The Audience

The foundational program is for you who typically experience that difficult and unhelpful thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations are "stuck in a loop," making it challenging to function satisfactorily in everyday life. It is for you who tend to speculate yourself into a 'black hole' where the world appears increasingly bleak. It is for you who have lost sight of what it takes to get out of the situation and who are unsure about what to do - and in what order.

The purpose

The course aims to teach and train you to identify the mental mechanisms that precede your discomfort (e.g., stress, anxiety, and depression) and then implement simple and practical psychological tools so that you can control the extent to which your discomfort actually occupies your life. You will learn and practice how to focus on important aspects of life such as family, work, and personal interests, as well as maintain a realistic and sustainable mental well-being thereafter.

The method

The metacognitive method typically differs from many other treatment approaches in that you don't need to disclose intimate details about yourself, which is why the course is often perceived as easy to understand, effective, and gentle. The treatment solely focuses on what you should do with your thoughts and not their content..

The program

Through the 6 weekly sessions below, you will learn and practice the mental ability to separate yourself from discomfort and focus on the important things in life.

  1. Metacognitive theory and practice
  2. Problems and our thoughts about them
  3. Detached Mindfulness
  4. Function and utility
  5. Thought fusions
  6. Prevention and new plan

Each session lasts up to 60 minutes, and approximately 30 minutes of daily homework should be expected between each session.

Free Clarifying Conversation

To ensure that you can benefit from metacognitive treatment, it is important to clarify if there is a good fit between us. Therefore, book a free clarifying phone/online conversation. It takes approximately 30 minutes.

Price and payment: dkr 7.500,- excluding VAT

Payment is made by invoice, and payment confirms the course.

The foundational program includes exercise descriptions and audio files.

Cancellation Policy and Non-Attendance

If you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment, please remember to notify us by phone: 51932869 no later than the day before at 15:00. We will then reschedule the session to a later suitable time.

In case of non-attendance or cancellation later than the day before at 15:00, a fee of DKK 1.250,- excluding VAT will be invoiced. The session will then be rescheduled to a later suitable time.