Mental comprehension and training

In the oldest Buddhist scriptures, there are basically two forms of meditation: Samatha and Vipassanā. Samatha is different forms of concentration meditation, where you work to gather and calm the mind and body, and Vipassanā is insight meditation, where, among other things, you seek insight into the true nature of the mind (thoughts and feelings) and how the mind affects our self-perception, perception of others and the world around us. In Chih-Kuan (Shikan) meditation, Samatha and Vipassanā are combined so that they can deepen and strengthen each other.

Mindfulness's training ground

Meditation is absolutely essential to being able to learn and train mindfulness. It is the mental workshop where we train, experience and test the various mental elements of mindfulness, in a safe and secure environment.

We focus and experiment with the ability to understand and regulate our thoughts, feelings and actions, in order to fundamentally raise the quality of life.

In the oldest scriptures mindfulness is established and developed on 2 types of meditation which are Satipaṭṭhāna and Ānāpānasati.

My teaching is rooted in the teachings of Theravâda Buddhism as taught by Bhikkhu Anālayo & Mahāsī Sayādaw

as well as the teachings of Mahayana buddhsim as taught by Shomon Pia Trans & Śramaṇa Zhiyi.